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Series of 9 (11) sheets.
The only remaining sheet is dated 1968
The second one was acquired by Louis Xavier Pigeron (France) in 1992.
From Levon Khatchatrian's notes:
It’s about Davoyan’s poetry. Even before my service in army, we frequently went to church services in Echmiadzin, and Zvartnots1 is on the way. That time Davoyan asked me to remain near the ruins, and he himself went on to a half-forgotten cemetery. It is close nearby. I watched while he walked among the old tombs. In 15-20 minutes he returned. A couple of years later Davoyan’s first book of poetry was published (I received the book while I was in army), where I read the cycle "Zvartnots". In 1966-67 I made a series of 9 to 11 sheets of paper. There’s nothing left of the book. As they say today, it was “my version,” so to speak, brought about by the motifs. Some sheets were lost; one sheet was acquired by a French art gallery owner.


"Through Shadows"
Series on Razmik Davoyan's Poetry.
3 out of 5 sheets remain
(1) 41*32 cm, (2) 50*35 cm, (3) 44*34 cm


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1) Zvarnots Cathedral was built in the 7th century but fell into ruins (perhaps due to an earthquake) a few centuries later and has never been reconstructed. é