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out of 5 sheets. 1 sheet was given to Zhaken Danenov (Kazakhstan), 1 sheet acquired by Louis Xavier Pigeron (France) in 1992.
cm, 1969-1973
     From notes:
     Year 1973. Zhaken [Danenov] has one sheet. Completing my studies at the Cinematography Institute, I wanted to make something about these six years. A man from a provincial republic, badly speaking Russian, my acquaintance with future celebrities, the first viewings of film-masterpieces and theater performances, visits to Mayakovsky’s house-museum, a huge stream of information... What else could I remember? It was possible to speak about family, but its influence on creativity wasn’t significant.
     This work is like a documentary film or, more truly, a TV set. There is an image and there is a text (the voice of the presenter). К-326, our KOMNATA (room). I heard that just above us in room 426 lived Vassily Shukshin. When I showed these sheets to my classmate, soft anti-Soviet Gutsu, he winked and smiled mysteriously. It was interesting to me to learn the reason why he winked. "Well, it’s clear, - he beamed, - the KAMERA-326 (prison cell)!" Certainly, I could not convince him that for the PRISON CELL I would find other art means. It is one of my favorite works. I have other works, so to speak, "about time and myself", but these sheets remind me of my student years.



Case file # 1
Series of 3 sheets, 46*40,5 cm

     From notes:
     Today it is possible to argue about selection of a photo or the text. I shall not rescue myself with a banal "such was the time." I was interested in how to use the folder "DELO" (Case File) and how to place there the various information. Now the folders have a different design and the information comes from other sources. But then, 30 years ago, it was like that.

The inscription on folder: "On bigotry, sovereign chauvinism, Zionism, hypocrisy, extremism, fascism, nationalism. To hold for 200 years."



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