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Series of 3 sheets. 1 sheet acquired by Louis Xavier Pigeron in 1992. 87*55 cm
     From notes:
     This work is special. One day I understood that there was no longer any place to put completed works. I never had anywhere a workshop or place to store works and not to be abused for it. In fact for others they were not PICTURES. But I invented a way. The same approach: photos, text, text. But this time - on a soft material. The sheet of paper can be easily folded up. Its construction demands to be folded. No glass, no frames. The base is simple gauze. Paper maps used to be on gauze. Huge maps, almost 2 on 3 meters. And so I bought these maps and tore the paper off from them. The rest was only my own problem.
     So it was. All the people around me drew pictures, concluded contracts, and I bought political maps. Amazing, but looking these works made 30 (!) years ago, I have a feeling that they are of famous artists and I know them from catalogues or exhibitions or something like that.
     Numerous cats and dogs, Soviet scouts and fantastic or detective or doubtful heroes to be illustrated did not let me open more often the folders with THOSE works. And each time I am surprised how could I have made them? And that under double fear. First one was only artistic (an adult guy is engaged in a bullshit), and another one, more terrible, was ideological, in the other words, anti-Soviet.

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