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Series of 4 sheets, 1975
(1-3) 28*37, (4) 28*21
     From 1980s notes:
Foreign mercenaries in Africa. I wanted to join the tragic and the petty-bourgeois in one picture. The "nice" colored people strengthen tragedy. In fact, they are very similar to postcards like "Greetings from a Black Sea Resort". Hardly anyone will guess what the idea is. If someone finds it interesting - great, if not – well, he won’t.

2 sheets. 1 sheet acquired by Louis Xavier Pigeron in 1992.
60*50 cm, 1975-83
     From 1980s notes:
It’s like a "family" picture, but in color (in distinction from "My Ancestors" here it was interesting to work with a colored copy paper). Here I continued a line of the "Good!" series [on Mayakovsky’s poem]. I should (I think so now) make this work less gala (astronauts). The rest is OK.
Anonymous Letters
Series of 3 sheets: "Airplane", "Cement" and "Paris Match"
All acquired by Louis Xavier Pigeron in 1992.
     From 1980s notes:
At the time nobody spoke about those things, but I did (I spoke) "anonymously", with different cut letters, like an author that doesn’t want to be found. Certainly, it is a kind of joke. A good and unusual work. By the way, the Soviets started to speak about China two or three years later, to speak spitefully. But I did not come back to this theme anymore. "Anonymous" alphabet letters, probably, still will be necessary...
3 sheets entitled “Airplane” [description of Chinese torture], “Cement” [about condemnation to prison in Turkey of a translator of a novel by Fyodor Gladkov] and “Paris Match” [an article from French magazine].
Here is the restored text of one of sheets: "AIRPLANE. A stick is put on a neck of a man and his arms are tied over this stick behind his back. In such position a man is forced to kowtow 100 times to Mao".
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