Conceptual works :


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Series. Early 1980s
     From the artist's notes:
Early 1980s. A wall, all sorts of photographs. Instead of a nail, a thumbtack. Will it be interesting? Great! Or not? Well, what was interesting for me was TIME to nail to the wall.


"Who are they?"
Series of 49 sheets


Not on sale today
1 of 3 sheets. 1980

     From the artist's notes:
1980. Three sheets. Two different pieces of wallpaper. A typical image of those years. One of the works that erases the boundary between life and art, showing the importance of ideas rather than of craftsmanship.

. Olympic Games in Moscow. Just got German wallpaper. It lasted 18 years before my daughter Masha repaired our flat.



40*61 cm. 1980


In Memory of Kasimir Malevich
50*50 cm. 1980


28*41,5 cm. 1980


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