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Letters from Readers
     From the artist's notes:
Letters from readers. Perhaps in these letters it is possible to find much that is interesting, but what was interesting for me was not the content.  The actual torn off pieces of newspaper, the multilayering, the binder give it a certain charm.  Not for the wastebasket but for the archive.



"Ivan Denisovich Shukhov"

     From the artist's notes:
Portrait of Mandelstam from the series "Adventurous Portraits". After a drawing by V. Milashevsky.

- Osip Mandelstam (1894 - 1938), one of the greatest Russian poets. Most of Mandelstam's works were unknown outside the USSR and went unpublished during the Stalin era. Mandelstam was arrested first time in 1934 for epigram he had written on Joseph Stalin. Mandelstam was arrested for the last time in May 1938 for a poem which started with the lines:
"We live without sensing the country beneath us, / At ten paces, our speech has no sound / And when there's the will to half-open our mouths / The Kremlin crag-dweller bars the way." He was sentenced to five years in a labor camp. In the transit camp, Mandelstam was already so weak that he couldn't stand. He died in a GULAG camp near Vladivostok, on December 27, 1938.
- Ivan Denisovich Shukhov is a hero from the famous Alexander Solzhenitsyn novel "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" about Stalin's GULAG camps.
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