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     From the artist's notes:
1982. One sheet of this series page has Stas Sokolov, film director. I have a lot of such works that don't mean anything.  Just a conservation of events, facts under old Soviet binder. Speaking in a modern way, storage of documents and files.
     It's like numerous studies of an artist or various quatrains of a poet: woke up, it's raining, nobody called, the freezer is empty. In this situation poets compose poems. Sometimes it achieves in the masterpieces, but in general these poems are quite ordinary. Certainly, they will be included in the "Complete Works", but will be less nourishing for the philologists and the recitalists. They are not bad, they are not good, they just are.
     Wow... 20 years ago!



"Oratorio About Our Land"
Series of 5 sheets
Consists of five Soviet media articles about Leonid Brezhnev's books. The title of one of the articles is "Oratorio about a Small Land"; other titles are "An Example of Life", "Books for Everybody's Reading", "Compass in Human Life"...

Homage to Beuys
Series of 7 sheets


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