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cm. 1986
     From the artist's notes:
I don't know if there are still such works around. I made it on the day of Tarkovsky's death. They reported it on Radio Liberty on December 30, 1986. Below is a newspaper report about Ermash's retiring. Few people know who Ermash was. Maybe this work could be read as "victim and butcher," but it sounds too zealous. I was interested in the future alignment. Famous Tarkovsky and unknown (forgotten) Ermash.
    On the back is an inscription about my daughter's Masha ownership.
    I write very badly. Worse than I can in fact. I hurry.
Philip Ermash was the Head of the USSR State Committee of Cinematography while Andrey Tarkovsky worked on his films in the USSR. Due to his position, Ermash was an evil genius in Tarkovsky's life. The story runs that after have seen the Tarkovsky's film "Mirror," Ermash said: "Of course we have artistic freedom, but not to that degree."
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