Conceptual works :


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"Pages 12-13"
33*24,5 cm.
This isn't a bad photocopy of book pages with photos of Solzhenitsyn. It's a pen drawing, simulating the bad photocopies of samizdat book. This work is a kind of homage to the Soviet underground press.

24*37 cm. 1988
Here's a telegram blank with text, presented as an example to be written down:
     "To the General Procuracy of the USSR and of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia.
      We, the undersigned, ask you to free Paruyr Airikyan from detention. He did not commit any criminal act, did not violate public order, did not commit any wrong. His arrest has upset many of us. We hope that our petition will be satisfied and Paruyr Airikyan will be released.
                                                                     March 28, 1988
                                                                     98 signatures"
Paruyr Airikyan, Armenian human rights activist. In 1988 he was detained. He is considered to be the last dissident deported from the USSR. Under the public pressure, he was vindicated and returned to the USSR in 1990. He still takes an active part in the political life of Armenia.

54*40 cm. 1988
Here are four typical Soviet wall calendars. Three of them have at page for December, 19 a portrait of Leonid Brezhnev, born on this day. The year after his death, 1983, his portrait was replaced with a common picture of a  monument to Lenin. Briefly, "sic transit gloria mundi."

1 sheet of a series.
58*41 cm
. 1988
     From Nina Grozova's article:
     "Another work by Khatchatrian, where a sign, a word stand for unique heroes. The small characters of Zoschenko and Platonov's names, divided by a bold horizontal line and placed on a big sheet of craft paper, look particularly defenseless."


Untitled ("Stalin and Our Days").
Series of 3 sheets.
74*51 cm. 1988


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