Eduard Uspensky. "Perhaps It Was A Crow"
"Mir Iskatelia" publishing house, 2001

Daniil Kharms. "Bulldog and Dachshund"
"Mir Iskatelia" publishing house, 2001

Illustrations to various tales of peoples of the world
"Misha" magazine,, 2001 - 2002



Eno Raud. "Muff, Halfshoe and Moss Beard"
"Pioneer" magazine, early 1980s





Illustrations for various children's publications
late 1990s - early 2000s




William Dickinson. "Adventures in the Enchanted Forest"
"Mir Iskatelia" publishing house, 2002


Irina Galitskaya. "Tales of an Old Coffee-Pot"


Marina Panek. "Evening Tale"
"Prostokvashino" magazine, 2002


Illustrations to a series of books by Eduard Uspensky about Prostokvashino