OGONYOK [Flame] national magazine Short stories, excerpts from the works of Russian and Soviet authors: Sokolov, Aleshkovsky, Platonov, Nagibin, Rybakov, etc. Many were published in Russia for the first time.
Literaturnaya Gazeta [Literary Gazette] national newspaper Drawing for "Moscow to the End of the Line," portraits of Gogol, Florensky, and Stalin (for the English-language edition)
Izvestia [The Latest News] national newspaper - Caricatures
SMENA [Shift] national magazine Detective stories
Chelovek i zakon [Man and the Law] review Detective stories by Russian and foreign authors
Ekho [Echo] Russian-English newspaper - Educational drawings
Kontinent [Continent] weekly newspaper - Caricatures
Nedelia [Week] weekly newspaper - Short story
Selskaya zhizn [Rural Life] national magazine Short stories by Proskurin, Ivanov, and others
Natsionalnaya gazeta [National Newspaper] Picture (only one issue was published)
Kommerchesky vestnik [Commercial News] newspaper - Caricatures
Metro magazine Detective story about Beshenny (in 36 issues)
Iskatel [Explorer] literary supplement Detective stories
Nastoyaschee vremya [The Present Time] weekly newspaper - Drawings for articles by Yursky and Arbatova, portrait of Leonardo di Caprio
Krestyanskie vedomosti [Peasant Herald] newspaper Drawings for short stories
Кultura i zhizn [Culture and Life] edition Drawings for short stories
TREZVOST' I KULTURA [Sobriety and Culture] review Drawings for short stories by Agatha Christie and Varlam Shalamov
Pioner [Pioneer] illustrated review for youth - Children's works of Soviet authors, cover pictures
Misha illustrated magazine for children Cartoons, verses, short stories, educational materials
My [We] illustrated review for youth Detective novels, novellas, short stories by young authors
Sdelai sam [Do it Yourself] technical review for youth Covers pictures, diagrams, and drawings on how to bind a book, how to sew slippers and knit hats . . .
Yunyi tekhnik [Young Technician] technical review for youth - Cover pictures, drawings for stories
Yunyi naturalist [Young Naturalist] ecologic review for youth Drawings for an essay on a healer
Rovesnik [Contemporary] magazine for youth drawings for memoirs of a famous guitarist
Detskaya literatura [Children's Literature] publishing house Drawings for stories
Molodaya gvardiya [Young Guard] publishing house
Malish [Kid] publishing house
Russkoe slovo [Russian Word] publishing house
Rosmen Publishers
Raduga [Rainbow] Publishers
Sovetskaia RossiJa [Soviet Russia] national newspaper
Mir svyazi i informatstii [World of Communications and Information] newspaper
Sovetsky SoYuz [Soviet Union] illustrated review
Sport v SSSR [Sport in the USSR] review
NezavisiamaJa gazeta [Independent Newspaper] daily newspaper
Panorama illustrated review